Parker's Creek State Recreation Area

By Will Cook

Overview: Camping area with woodland birding, with a few scattered old farm ponds and a view of the lake north of US 64. Not frequently birded, but has potential.

Getting there: The well-marked Parker's Creek entrance is on the north side of Hwy. 64 between two arms of the lake, across from Seaforth.

Coordinates for Google Earth/Maps: 35 44 18 N, 79 02 28 W

Where to go: Try the 1/4 mile nature trail and walking through the camping areas. The beach has a view of a quiet arm of the lake that could harbor dabbling ducks.

What to look for: The wooded areas are good for piney woods birds, such as Brown-headed Nuthatches and Pine Warblers. Be on the lookout for the woodland ponds, which may have Hooded Mergansers and Wood Ducks. Diving ducks, loons, grebes, and gulls can be seen in winter from the shore.

Facilities: Bathrooms, picknicking, camping, boat ramps, water, swimming beach, playground, handicapped accessible. Gate hours: November-February 8am-6pm; March, October 8am-7pm; April, May, September 8am-8pm; June-August 8am-9pm. Entrance fee is $4 per car, $3 for senior citizens 62 years of age or older. The fee is collected every day from May through Labor Day, only on weedends in April and September (after Labor Day). No fee from October through March. There is no pass you can buy, but you can get a booklet of 10 tickets for $30. If you pay a fee on a certain day here, you can also visit other S.R.A.'s at Jordan Lake without paying more. See for more details on facilities. Call Park office at (919) 362-0586 for more details on the fees.

When to visit: Fall through Spring.

Revised 12/29/2008

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