Lake Orange

By Will Cook

Overview: A small lake north of Hillsborough that's worth checking for ducks in winter. Access is very limited.

What to look for: Ducks in winter. A good place for Northern Shoveler and Canvasback, which can be hard to find elsewhere in Orange County, as well as lots of Ring-necked Ducks, Hooded Mergansers, and American Coots. Tundra Swans were seen here in 1995. When lake levels are low in summer and fall, there should be a few shorebirds and waders. In September 2002 an escaped Sacred Ibis was seen associating with a group of Great Egrets.

Getting there: The lake is off NC 86, about 9 miles north of Hillsborough. There are two access points that I know about:

When to visit: Winter.

Facilities: None.

Revised 9/9/2002

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