1010 Road Pond

By Will Cook

Overview: This little farm pond is often packed with ducks in the winter, especially American Wigeon and Hooded Merganser. Several times in the late 90's a Eurasian Wigeon was seen here with Americans. There are many other farm ponds in this area, which the Eurasian Wigeon apparently circulates among, since he usually was missed on the 1010 Road pond (though seen more often here than anywhere else).

Getting there: 1010 Road pond is a small pond at the corner of 1010 and Lake Wheeler Roads, south of Raleigh. If you're travelling south on L Wheeler Rd., cross over 1010 and the pond is immediately on your right. The shoulder here is not great for parking, but you can pull into the mobile home park a short piece up the road on your left. While you're in the area, you may want to visit Lake Wheeler and the West Lake Road ponds.

Coordinates for Google Earth/Maps: 35 40 08 N, 78 42 30.7 W

Facilities: None.

When to visit: Winter.

Revised 12/28/2008 cwcook@duke.edu

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